• Innovations in magnetic fluids

    low viscosity (perfluorinated) ferrofluids
    transparent paramagnetic oils

    magnetostaltic pumps

  • What do we do ?

    Qfluidics manufactures high quality ferrofluids of a wide variety. We are specialized in ultra-high concentration ferrofluids and low-viscosity perfluorinated fluids for microfluidics.


    Ferrofluids on demand

    Qfluidics will be fully operational in December 2018.


    Stay tuned!

  • Executive profiles

    People behind Qfluidics

    Dr. Vincent Marichez



    Dr. Thomas Hermans

    Scientific advisor


    Dr. Nina Matoussevitch

    Ferrofluid expert

    Dr. Peter Dunne

    Scientific advisor

  • Any question ?

    Contact us at info@qfluidics.com