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The liquid tube technology relies on the careful manipulation of magnetic liquids: ferrofluids can deform in the presence of a magnetic field

Qfluidics is an expert in ferrofluid manipulation and can virtually turn it into any desired shape

Liquid tube

To create a liquid tube we just need to inject the ferrofluid into a plastic consumable

The consumable is then inserted into a magnetic hardware

The ferrofluid immediately transform into a tube: a liquid tube


The liquid tube is a breakthrough technology that can then be used as a reactor to flow any type of reaction media, even the most difficult to handle such as viscous slurries for instance.

The liquid walls of the tube can be deform to perfectly match the shape of any solid aggregate without clogging.

The liquid tube is the corner stone of our revolutionary flow reactor technology. Qfluidics can develop on-demand flow reactors of various sizes & shape with unique competitive advantages.


To handle any type of slurry :

  • Heterogenous catalysis
  • Continuous cristallization
  • Continuous coprecipitation


To help our clients from their early lab developments to their most demanding production

Zero friction

To allow viscous reaction media handling :

  • Process intensification
  • Continuous polymerization

Excellent mixing

To reduce optimizations when switching from one scale to the next one